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North American Capital Corp. is a private merchant bank incorporated in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Melville, New York that has operated continuously since 1976.  We are not affiliated with and have no connection to the former North American Capital Corporation of Buffalo, New York, a debt collection company that has been inactive since 2001, or similarly named entities.



Over Three Decades of Sound Investments, Management Strategies, and Crisis Management.

North American Capital Corp. (NAC) was founded in 1976 as a private merchant bank specializing in investments in management buyout transactions, financial restructurings and crisis management, in addition to providing traditional investment banking services. NAC has had extensive experience in managing and restructuring troubled companies, as evidenced by its successful restructuring track record.

NAC activities have involved manufacturers, distributors and other entities in a wide variety of industries such as the following:



  • luxury writing instruments

  • chemical trading

  • computer software

  • refrigerators

  • men's sweaters

  • retail gasoline distributor

  • boot manufacturer

  • pharmaceuticals

  • automotive accessories

  • television production

  • diesel engine parts

  • cotton warehousing

  • advertising

  • imprinting of leisurewear

  • folding and set-up boxes

  • plastic housewares

  • tubular steel

  • flexible packaging

  • artist materials

  • craft and hobby products

  • toys

  • adult residences

  • foundry operation

  • architectural furniture

  • cosmetics manufacturing

  • graphic arts

  • hydraulic cylinders

  • inspection and calibration services

  • household appliances

  • metal eyelets

  • chemical manufacturer       

  • lingerie

  • boat manufacturer

  • shoe importer

  • oil pipeline manufacturer

  • retail drug chain

  • petroleum and asphalt

  • internet publishing

  • community websites

  • women's apparel

  • shipyard drydock repair

  • publishing

  • office machines

  • cotton seed production

  • metal parts fabrication

  • travel accessories

  • jewelry

  • envelopes

  • foodservice equipment

  • vellum blueprint papers

  • metal office furniture

  • warehousing

  • trailers and campers

  • reprographic supplies

  • plastics molding,

  • extruding and converting

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